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Saute Culinary Program

Explore the World of Culinary Arts

Passionate about Cooking? Thinking about a career as a chef? Whatever your goal, we have a program or class for you. Many of Sauté’s students are cooking professionally in restaurants, as caterers and personal chefs. Many others are simply more confident in their home kitchens cooking for their families, hosting dinner parties and creating wonderful meals and baked items.

8-Week Saute Culinary Series

The Saute Culinary Series is designed for the novice chef with little or no culinary experience.  Chef instructors will teach you to become comfortable and confident in the kitchen.  In this series, you'll learn hands-on techniques for immediate application in today's kitchens.  Using easy-to-use recipes and basic cooking techniques, you'll learn the importance of advance preparation that will save you time and reduce stress in the kitchen. This class meets once a week over an 8-week period.  Tuition includes Saute recipe packet, chef coat and apron. Certificate awarded upon completion of program.


Session Start Date

Tuesday, April 11, 2017





Curriculum Overview


Class #1


Knife Skills/Introduction to the Kitchen – The most important basic technique taught to all culinary students. Includes Basic Kitchen Equipment and Sanitation Instruction. 


Stocks – A great stock is the key to many recipes, Vegetable, Fish, Chicken, and Beef. 


Mother Sauces – Hollandaise, Béchamel, Veloute, Demi-Glace and Tomato Sauce. Students acquire important skills for sauce making. 


Class #2


Soups – Many great meals start with soup. We explore a variety of recipes using different types of stocks. 


Contemporary Sauces – Prepare fresh and tasty modern-style sauces perfect for accompanying meals, including today’s lighter menus. 


Class #3


Breakfast and Egg Cookery – Learn the versatility of breakfast/egg cookery with a variety of menus. 


Vegetable Cookery – Proper buying/storage of produce; delicious preparations of seasonal items. 


Potato Cookery – Potatoes are an essential item in any kitchen. Students in this important section will use several different cooking techniques. 


Class #4


Dry/Moist Heat Cooking Methods – This class focuses on sautéing, grilling, roasting, braising, steaming.


Class #5


Desserts – Focus on basics of scaling, and mixing ingredients to create confections and desserts though proper techniques.


Class #6


Pasta, Rice and Dumplings – Learn a variety of cooking methods for rice, dumplings and pasta. 


Class #7


Appetizers and Hors d’ouvres – The focus is on dishes that might be enjoyed as a first course in a multi-course meal, with an emphasis on presentation. 


Class #8  


Final Class– Students develop an intricate menu of an appetizer, entrée and dessert without the use of recipes. Food critique and discussion followed by presentation of Certificates. 



Series Tuition: $1,500
Culinary Program
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