Virtual Cooking 


Indulge and savor exquisite cuisine from the comfort of your home while one of our trained chefs guides your friends, family, group date, or co-workers through a fun interactive cooking class.  In these hands-on cooking classes, you’ll learn simple cooking techniques, so you can make your way around the kitchen with the confidence of a seasoned chef. Great for corporate team building, holiday celebrations, fundraising or just as a social gathering. A minimum of 8 guests is required.

Cooking Class Themes

Mediterranean Cuisine  $50/person

In this hands-on class, you’ll learn how to create the robust flavors of Mediterranean cuisine in your own kitchen and discover comfort foods from a region that is known for having one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.  You’ll learn how to craft mouthwatering Middle Eastern chicken kabobs and learn how to build layers of flavor and color in a delicious couscous tabbouleh salad.

Italian Cuisine $50/person

Learn how to master two authentic Italian dishes at home in this interactive online cooking class featuring pantry-friendly ingredients.  First, learn how to craft a simple but flavor forward bruschetta, then form classic homemade gnocchi complemented by a sundried tomato cream sauce. 

Asian Cuisine  $50/person

In this interactive class you’ll learn a variety of skills including proper prepping and cooking of sushi rice and knife skills to ensure the perfect julienne cuts.  First, you’ll learn how to prepare and make California rolls, then craft a savory soba noodle salad. 

Cooking Class