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The demand for radiologist jobs is increasing. As our population continues to age, there are more imaging studies needed. And as the number of these procedures grows, so does the need for radiologists. According to the 2013 American College of Radiology Commission on Human Resources Workforce Survey, the most in-demand specialties include MRI technologists, interventionalists, and nuclear medicine technologists. You can start your career by training for a radiologist job.

In India alone, the demand for radiologists is expected to increase by more than 10% by 2019. Despite the demand for radiologist professionals in India, there is a better scope for career growth in this field. As a radiologist, you will enjoy job security and growth prospects. With so many job opportunities in the healthcare industry, you can be sure that your search will lead you in the right direction. But, before you start searching for a position, here are some important factors to consider.

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