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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler town in Wurttemberg. His father hardly cared for him - do my statistics homework , as he was on the road with Landsknechtsheeren for years during those troubled times.

The only thing known about Kepler's childhood and youth is that he attended the grammar school in Maulbronn as a poor scholarship holder and then studied at the Wurttemberg State University in Tübingen. Here he studied Lutheran theology, mathematics and astronomy - do my homework . In particular, he became acquainted with the ideas of Nikolaus Kopernikus (1473 to 1543) and quickly became a follower of his teachings. This was by no means universally accepted at the time and was attacked sharply, especially by the Church, because it contradicted the dogmas of the central position of the Earth.

Even before completing his theological studies, Kepler was sent to Graz to work as a Protestant teacher. Thus in 1594 he became "teacher of mathematics and morals" at the grammar school in Graz and at the same time mathematician to the new Protestant provincial government. This meant that he had the duty of preparing an official calendar every year, which also contained astronomical information about the sun, moon, planets and the zodiac - do my math homework for me , the probable course of the weather and special events to be expected. This task, which also required astronomical calculations, finally led Kepler - according to his own statements - to astronomy and mathematics.

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